SkyPrivate: What It Is, How It Works, and Why Bother

A cam site where you can enjoy ONLY private adult shows? Like…Skype cams?

As in: you can have the mind-blowingly hot model all to yourself from the start.

Say whaaat?

Indeed, this adult webcam site does exist and has a name: Skyprivate.

Now, let’s dive into the juicy details and see exactly what makes it stand out from the big crowd of cam sites:

1. It’s Just You and Your Sexy Lady

I mean, you two will get to go private from the very beginning.

No need to step into the girl’s room first, “steal” her away from a bunch of other dudes already enjoying her (almost) free show, and buy yourself a private show with her.

No sir, with Skyprivate you go one-on-one with the babe of your choice from the start.

A level of intimacy that you won’t find on any other adult cam website out there:

SkyPrivate’s the only Pay-per-Minute webcam solution for live adult Skype shows.

Once you’re all set — you have your account confirmed, and you’ve added funds to your account — you can go… beauty hunting.
It’s that easy!
You can then have that kinky goddess (or naughty cutie pie) all to yourself.

Feel free to unleash your most secret fantasies or to just… connect with her and enjoy an intimate Skype date.

2. Bright and Eye-Catching Design

Let’s admit:

In the case of many live sex cam sites, we can’t help but thinking: “The early 2000’s called: they want their web design trends back…”

Too many of them look so… outdated, clunky, with lots of annoying pop-ups and low-quality thumbnails that do those hot babes no favor at all.

Not to say that they manage to kill (or at least temper) your appetite… the moment you enter here.

Not Skyprivate, my friend!

This adult webcam site sets itself apart with:

A bright, catching design
Conveniently intuitive user interface
Large, high-quality thumbnails with awesome hover effect that’s enough to…raise your body temperature.

4. Innovative, Hassle-Free Payment Method

With its Pay-Per-Minute technology, Skyprivate leaves its competitors way behind.

As well as all your fears and phobias related to making payments on cam sites.

Here’s why:

You get to pay as you… enjoy your Skype cams. No need to buy a membership “blindfolded”. You just pay per minute as you’re enjoying your private show. Not beforehand!

Your account works as your own e-wallet: just add funds, then feel free to spend them however you want, whenever you want, and to manage your spendings right from your member dashboard.

You’re free to end a Skype call whenever you want to: no need to pay for a…15-minute show if the performer looks nothing like in those hot pictures on her profile or if the quality of her camera is disappointing.

Furthermore, you have each model’s rate per minute (starting from $1 per minute) displayed right there for you, from the start.

5. From Signing Up to Jazzing Off: 6 Simple Steps

Basically, you just:

Fill in a simple Sign Up form and confirm your email address

Add your Skype ID to your Skyprivate account

Add funds to your account right from your client dashboard (at least $14)

Browse through their huge gallery of stunning beauties

Add your chosen model’s Skype ID to your own Skype account

Give her a call

Tip! A wise move would be to get yourself a dedicated Skype account, that you could use exclusively for these intimate shows.

6. “What You See Is What You Get” Type of Model Profiles

What fetishes are you into?

No, no need to share them here…

Instead, with your list in mind, look for the model profile that makes… the perfect match.

That is because on Skyprivate each lady has its own “menu” displayed in her profile.

You’ll know, from the start, what she’s into and if she’s that perfect kinky match you’re looking for!

Moreover, you have her bio there — it’s always best to know a thing or two about the girl you’re about to Skype date, right? — and her hottest pics (most of them have videos, as well).

7. … And Lots of Other Cool Features that Add to the Experience

Here are just some of them:

you can book steamy Skype cams in advance. There’s a schedule there, in each mode’s profile, that you can use to… book a hot date.

you get to add your special ladies (or “lady”) to “Favorites”. This way, you’ll get notified whenever she’s online and… ready to play.

you can prepay shows. For instance, if you’re into kinky cosplay, you can prepay a show where the model wears a specific costume that you fancy about.

8. One of THE Largest Collections of Insanely Hot Webcam Performers

Thousands of them, both male and female performers.

They range from out-of-this-world experienced babes to sexy girl-next-door chicks, with different levels of kinkiness — going from vanilla all the way to… ultra-specific fetishes — to hot cam guys.

This is the amount of beauty, hotness, and… naughtiness that you can expect to find on Skyprivate.

See the online models now

9. You Get to Roll in… Complete Anonymity

The only 2 things that your date will see when you approach her on Skype will be:

The time
The money you will have spent on her

That’s it.

You can just sit back, relax, and unleash your most secret fantasies in total anonymity.

In other words, Skyprivate takes confidentiality to a whole new level.

For, as a client, you don’t want these intimate dates to show up on your bank statement, right? Obviously!

With SkyPrivate your identity remains confidential to all the models and to everyone at your bank.

But don’t take any of my words for granted: just try Skyprivate yourself!